Anne’s story begins in France. Born with a proclivity towards design, Anne spent her days leafing through pages of art books, obsessively studying artist’s works. She conducted color experiments and took to the abstract expressionists, surprising the paint on her canvas with unexpected matches.
After starting her family, Anne settled down in New York. To Anne, curating her family’s space only felt natural: a place of their history, the apartment fit all their eccentricities, all the serendipitous stories spanning places and periods. Visitors began to request Anne for their own interior design projects.

Anne's previous experiences were instrumental in the way she approaches designing interiors. She creates unique interiors based on her clients' personal stories, collections, and lifestyles. She believes that her clients’ home should reflect who they are. Her clients are her inspiration. Her portfolio reflects her distinctive approach. From an über contemporary decor in a skyrise in Manhattan to an apartment in Paris combining the owner's passion for Asia, Africa, Europe and wildlife, the wide variety of decors demonstrates Anne's singular ability to translate her clients’ life stories into their dream home. To Anne the best compliment came from the friend of one of her clients who said: “This is so him!”.
Her design inspirations are audacious yet restrained. She is adventurous and has a joyous approach to design yet never ostentatious. She is eager to make a client’s experience a smooth one. The process of decorating should be a fun and enjoyable one. Anne will run the whole project for her clients and manage the process from start to finish while being very sensitive about budget guidelines and timing.

Within this framework, Anne incorporates her client's ideas to create an inviting home that is uniquely theirs, sensually stimulating, elegant and aspirational.  Anne's purpose is to give her clients happiness, promote their self-confidence and well-being.

Image by William Bibet


Anne Carminati
T +33 6 73 26 56 57